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Name: Сергей R6FHC

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These rules are created in order to streamline communication in the TG25011 Telegram chat. The rules are binding on all chat participants. The chat administration reserves the right to block participants (on a temporary or permanent basis) who violate the order and rules in this chat. The administration reserves the right to exercise administrative supervision, as well as remove controversial content, without prior notice and explanation of the reasons for their actions. These rules are not exhaustive and do not describe all possible situations, nuances, provisions, permissions, and prohibitions. In all controversial cases, the final word remains with the Administration. The administration reserves the right to change these and/or additional rules and/or make temporary exceptions from them at its sole discretion.

0. Special terms

0.0. Our chat, as well as working on the air, is not anonymous!

0.1. Each chat participant must go through the registration process, license verification, and linking a Telegram account on this site.

0.2. In case of failure to comply with these requirements, the Administration reserves the right to impose sanctions on the offender in the form of limiting the ability to write to the chat ("read-only" mode) for an arbitrary period. If violations are repeated on a regular basis, the Administration reserves the right to completely ban the chat participant.

1. Limitations

All chat participants are prohibited from:

1.1. Insult in any form, manifestation of rudeness, threats. Participants must follow a respectful form of communication.

1.2. The use in communication and correspondence of foul language or euphemisms, obscene vocabulary, and phraseology, including veiled obscenities, as well as their quotation.

1.3. Flame, flood, and incitement to them, offtopic; personalization, trolling; provocations.

1.4. Any form of advertising messages, advertising links to third-party resources, links to closed communities.

1.5. Chat commerce; publication in any form of commercial messages without prior approval from the Administration.

1.6. Advertising and spam of any nature, including in private messages (Telegram direct).

1.7. Links to chats and channels in Telegram that are similar in meaning and content.

1.8. Manifestation of racial, ethnic, national or religious enmity and hatred, superiority, as well as incitement to enmity on this basis; contemptuous display of disrespect and hatred of any language, including Russian; propaganda of terrorism, extremism, radical nationalism, fascism; promotion of narcotic drugs; other actions and messages incompatible with generally accepted laws, norms of morality and decency.

1.9. Use in the communication of a language other than literary Russian, and symbols other than Cyrillic (transliteration); deliberate disregard for the rules of the Russian language, distorting it; abuse of slang. This rule does not apply to English-speaking correspondents.

1.10. Abuse of using UPPERCASE TEXT (using Caps Lock).

1.11. Posting messages not related to the topic of the chat.

1.12. Public presentation of claims and discussion of actions or omissions of the Administration.

1.13. Also prohibited in the chat: audio and video messages, animated emoticons, and GIFs.

2. Chat topic

2.1. This chat was created as a communication addition to the digital terrestrial group DMR BM TG25011. The main purpose of the chat is to provide the ability to exchange text and graphic information, in addition to working on the air.

2.2. The main chat topics allowed are: digital amateur radio, microelectronics, software and hardware development, IT.